Clean Sky European Programme: ORME third in the best European project Award
Friday, April 22, 2016

CleanSky AwardsClean Sky European programme: ORME wins the third price of the best european project award, with FLIP, a software platform to test the performances of the Thales Avionics future FMS (Flight Management System).

Europe established 4 targets to be reached by the aviation industry by year 2020: reduce CO2 emissions per passenger kilometre by 50%, reduce NOx emissions by 80%, reduce perceived noise by 50% and reduce the environmental impact of the aviation industry, whilst increasing its performance. To cope with these targets, a few years ago, Europe built the Clean Sky programme, which brings together key players in this industry.

It is against that background that ORME won the European call for projects named FLIP (integrated element of the Clean Sky programme) related to the future Flight Management System (FMS) developed by Thales Avionics. The Toulouse-based company, in partnership with ATMOSPHERE offered to help optimize this FMS by developing a realistic test platform. The test software designed by ORME and ATMOSPHERE thus provides means to define criteria to select real flight plans from the whole world, to push these flight plans into the FMS, to create new flight plans and to modify them if necessary for testing purposes.

During the Clean Sky Awards, on the 4th of April of this year in Brussels, FLIP was acknowledged as the third best European project of the year, over 500 projects in competition. This prize is a reward for several months of teamwork between Thales, ORME and ATMOSPHERE.

ORME is still investing in this project and has just submitted a new proposal to the Midi-Pyrénées Regional Council and Europe for a continuation to the FLIP programme. This second phase will be conducted, like the first one, with ATMOSPHERE, a company specialized in weather data processing and networked aeronautical applications. The new project – FLIP 2 – will enrich the flight plans in the database with real-world weather forecast data.

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Hyper Imaging becomes a TrackReport and TrackImage distributor in the US
Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hyper ImagingHyper Imaging is a US technical distribution and support company that distributes and supports  IDT’s high speed cameras and lighting systems  across all applications and market segments, including industrial and military testing applications. ORME is very happy to have appointed Hyper Imaging as a US distributor for its TrackImage and TrackReport software packages. Marie-Laurence MEYER, ORME co-Director: “Following the recent distribution agreement with IDT in the UK, we are pursuing our international development strategy through distributors whose core products are top quality high speed cameras such as IDT’s and with a strong presence in their home market. Hyper Imaging offers both these qualities and we are very positive this new agreement will allow us to speed up our development in the US market.”

Hyper Imaging will promote TrackImage and TrackReport software to its US customers, particularly for applications related to the analysis of dynamic tests such as automotive and military crash tests, but more generally for any application of test data post-processing, involving images or signals. Douglas Cebik, Hyper Imaging founder: "I am pleased to represent the TrackImage and TrackReport software from ORME which offers a comprehensive software solution for  motion tracking and automatic report generation.  The software is easy-to-use and provides  accurate, and fast  tracking algorithms. These new software tools will allow our US clients to quickly, and accurately analyse high speed video events and obtain the maximum information from image and other data. We are very happy to start working with ORME and we see great potential for these products in the US.”

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Following 15 months of R&D, the ORME and ATMOSPHERE consortium delivers the FLIP project results to Thales Avionics.
Friday, July 3, 2015

CleanSkyThis project, led by ORME, takes place in the research programme CleanSky, promoted by the Advisory Council for Aeronautical Research in Europe (ACARE) in Europe. With the aim of strengthening environmentally sustainable flight operations, the Systems for Green Operations (SGO) branch of the Clean Sky programme, focuses achieving, among other topics, on the management of the trajectories and missions of aircrafts.

To achieve the CleanSky SGO objectives, specific developments need to be carried out to develop innovative green flight management functions in view of the prototyping of the Flight Management System (FMS) of the future. With the objective to increase the technology readiness level and to demonstrate the robustness of such green FMS functions up to TRL 5-6, a large number of validation scenarios need to be tested.

Consequently, it has been all about the FLIP project to develop and validate a software application compatible with the FMS test bench, able to provide and consult actual airlines flight plans databases as well as to inject into the FMS equipment under test specific flight plans representative of the dedicated robustness scenario to be validated. Thus, the FLIP software developed by ORME and ATMOSPHERE enables to easily inject a more than 300000 flight plans database to a Thales new FMS. This tool also enables to create new flight plans from scratch, or to adapt existing flight plans, to achieve more specific studies. FLIP uses new data standards and protocols, suggested by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), promoted by the SESAR and NEXTGEN programme, such as FIXM, AIXM and WXXM, and the aeronautic standard protocol such as ARINC633.

After 15 months of R&D activities, the FLIP tool has been delivered to Thales Avionics by the ORME and ATMOSPHERE consortium, and is now used by Thales for their FMS tests.

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TrackImage now in Japanese!
Tuesday, April 14, 2015

TrackImage in Japanese A new language is now available for TrackImage’s interface: Japanese. Following requests from our Japanese clients and our distributor Toyo Corp., ORME decided to add a new language to the interface of its motion tracking software in order to adapt it to the Japanese industry’s needs.


ORME meets His Excellency Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India
Saturday, April 11, 2015

ORME meets Narendra Modi Over the course of India Prime Minister Narendra Modi visit’s to Toulouse, ORME co-directors Marie-Laurence Meyer and Luc Oriat were very happy to meet him to present ORME’s activities in India during Prime Minister Modi’s meeting with industrial and innovative companies from the Midi-Pyrénées region organised at the Toulouse prefecture.

ORME works in India through its Mumbai-based distributor Megatech and already has amongst its clients Brakes India and Maruti-Suzuki.

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